About Kelowna Pet Sitting

Manda and Paul established Kelowna Pet Sitting to fill an important need within Kelowna and Lake Country. Many pet owners simply do not want to bring their pet to a kennel when they must go away, for a variety of reasons such as going on vacation where you cannot bring your pet with you, or business trips, or even hospital stays. It has been shown that removing some pets from familiar surroundings and placing them in a kennel even for a short period of time can be detrimental to their mental and physical health.

In the case of pet owners who may have a neighbour or friend willing to look after pets such as cats and dogs, perhaps those same people would not be able to look after other types of pets, such as ferrets, exotic birds or even snakes... Manda and Paul are familiar with an incredible variety of animals, birds and reptiles and they actually know how to look after them!

Manda brings over 20 years of experience in the Animal Health Care Field. Over this period of time she has been lucky to have cared for all different types of animals, from raccoons to thoroughbred horses, to fostering numerous cats, kittens, ferrets, birds, flying squirrels, reptiles and dogs...Animals are an intricate part of her life.

Paul has been around animals most of his life and has a passion for all pets. Amanda inherited her enthusiasm and love for all animals from her dad. Together, they make Kelowna Pet Sitting a wonderful service for all Kelowna and Lake Country pet owners.