Kelowna Pet Sitting Services - Testimonials

Kelowna Pet Sitting is pleased to share some of the many reviews we have received during our over 10 years in the animal at home care business.

Having never had a pet sitter to care for our animals, it was a pleasure and reassurance to have Manda tend our 3 horses for 10 days with 2 visits daily. She texted us with updates during our absence, brushed, and often spoiled them with treats of apples and carrots. She is professional and organized, and most importantly, an animal lover! Will not hesitate to call for her services when needed. Thank you Manda!
Barb & Terry

Thank you very much for looking after my girls (cats) with all their special needs, especially the one with diabetes. Knowing that they are in good hands when I go away means a lot!

Once again thanks for looking after Sir Archie and Little Adanac. Our trip to St. Maarten was more enjoyable knowing that both our dogs were so well taken care of. Every time Sir Archie sees you he gets so excited as he knows a trip to the dogpark will soon happen. Having you is a blessing because I don't want my dogs in a kennel and they have their same routine every day. Our house insurance is also valid because you stay in our house.
Allan C.

Manda has been taking care of our pets since we moved to Lake Country. Not only does our "not so social" cat love her, we can go away with the confidence that her medical needs are looked after. When we add the dog into the mix, Manda makes sure to spend time with them both and even shovels the driveway so our home looks lived in! We would recommend Manda's services to anyone who wants to keep their pet at home while they are away.
Tanya & David

Manda is outstanding. We never want to leave our farm due to so many animals and their different schedules; it is hard to find some one who is responsible, organized, knowledgeable and trustworthy. We actually never went on trips until we met Manda. When we were out of town one week and our mother had come to stay with the animals so we hadn't book Manda, our horse got his leg caught in the fence. As soon as we were advised of this, I called Manda and not only was she there in a heartbeat, she had the knowledge to asses the situation and to treat our horse. Manda did such a great job that he was already on his way to recovery by the time we arrived home. We feel safe going out of town now because our farm is in the best hands possible. Manda is truly a gift - she is kind, honest, and truly loving with our animals. I work in a veterinary clinic myself and I recommend her to our clients. You won't find anyone better!
Vanessa B

A big thank you to you both, especially you Paul! I think Mia would have like to have come home with you! The dogs were better than ever after our trip and the house looked great, was so nice to get picked up and come home to normalcy. Thanks again, we really appreciate it and will highly recommend your services to others.
Mat and Tori

Manda took care of my two cats while we were on vacation for several weeks. I knew when I met her that I would have total peace of mind knowing that she would love my kitties as much as I do when I was away from home. I was not disappointed. She emailed me once a week to let me know they were well and happy. My cats met me with lots of stories of happy times with Manda. If you need a cat sitter this is the place to call!
Sylvia J.