Kelowna Pet Sitting Services

We offer scheduled visits, special services and more!

Daily Visits:
We can personalize a schedule of visits to meet both your needs as well as your pet's needs. We recommend that your pet should be visited daily as an absolute minimum in order to provide the best possible care during your absence.

On our visit, we offer walking, feeding, brushing, litter removal for cats, cuddle and play time, as well as a complimentary nail trim. While you are away, we also offer 24/7 contact with us, so that if at any time you have any concerns or questions about your pet, we are here for you.

Special Services:
Many pets need medication administered on a daily basis, or may require a special diet. Manda, as a Veterinary Assistant, has the experience to meet any of your pet's special requirements.

Additional Available Services:

We offer pet nail trimming. This again is a task that stresses many pet owners, due to being afraid to harm their pet. We are very familiar with the best method of trimming animal nails and help alleviate the stress for both the pet owner and the pet. We can schedule appointments for regular nail trims at your convenience, on a bi-weekly or monthly basis.